Who We Are

We are leaders in providing equitable, holistic mental health and addiction services for *racialized communities.

Client-Centred + Collaborative

Across Boundaries provides a dynamic range of mental health support and services and works within Anti-Racism/Anti-Black racism and Anti-Oppression frameworks. This framework addresses the negative impact of racism and discrimination on mental health and well-being.

Rooted in up-to-date research and consistently active community engagement, our progressive strategies are implemented by our capable staff - who are committed to improving the quality of mental health and addiction care for *racialized people.

Innovative + Holistic

Across Boundaries provides community mental health, addictions supports and in-house programs that integrate:

  • Individual support 
  • Community outreach
  • Support groups, alternative and complementary therapies
  • Community kitchen
  • Skills building
  • Social and recreational activities


We speak:  Mandarin  English  Somali  Tamil  Urdu  Dari  Twi  Sinhalese  Gujarati  Tagalog  Arabic  Pashto  Hindi  Farsi 

*Racialized: the term racialized person or racialized group is preferred over racial minority, visible minority, person of colour or non-White as it recognizes the dynamic and complex process by which racial categories are socially produced by dominant groups in ways that entrench social inequalities and marginalization.”
—  Ontario Human Rights Commission