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Across Boundaries has developed a collection of books and award- winning video and research that is designed to help organizations, institutions and communities in addressing various issues such as anti-racism, mental health and anti-oppression.

Being a leader in the field of ethnoracial mental health, AB's resources and research publications are widely recognized and revered for its quality work.

Whether it's for a lecture, presentation, conference, or personal study, our materials will provide you with possibly the most comprehensive understanding of the specific issues that prevail in the areas of mental health and people of color.

Feel free to browse through our selection of informative materials and contact us when you are ready to purchase an item.

Some brochures and videos are available in three different languages: Somali, Persian and English.



Health Disparities Report - This is a power point presentation of the keynote speech by Dianne Patychuk at Across Boundaries’ 14th Annual General Meeting.

Summary Report of Across Boundaries Studies in 2008 - This is a presentation by Dr. Mckenzie at the Summer 2009 conference summarizing the three studies conducted by Across Boundaries in 2008.

Concurrent Report - Addressing the mental health needs of people from racialized froups with Concurrent Disorders in Toronto

Older Adults Final Report - Serving older adults from ethno-racial groups with mental health challenges in Toronto.

Trauma Report - Re-Conceptualizing "Trauma"

Mental Wellbeing and Substance Use Among Youth of Colour Report

Approaches to Recovery on Mental Health/ Addiction in Racialized Communities: A Community Perspective:

How We Do It

We want to share what we have learned on how to implement anti-racism/anti-oppression principles in your day-to-day work. We wish to encourage other mental health/addiction organizations and especially those eager to respond to Canada’s changing demographics to benefit from our experience and adapt our approach within their own practice.  All we ask is for anyone who reviews this document to please give us your feedback. To view and/or download the PDF document you must provide the following: Name, Agency Name (if relevant), and Phone numbers (work/home/cell) so that we may contact you for your feedback.



Canadian Mental Health Association, (CMHA) Toronto

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

Community Resources Connections of Toronto

Coalition of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA)

East Scarborough Storefront

Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere(F.A.M.E.)

Family Outreach and Response Program

Friends of Alternative & Complementary Therapies (FACT)


Hong Fook Mental Health Association

Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre

Mount Sinai Hospital

North York General Hospital

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)

Second Harvest

Sabawoon Afghan Family Education and Counselling Centre (SAFE)

Toronto East General Hospitals' Family Support Program

Vasantham: Tamil Seniors Wellness Centre