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Adult Mental Health Programs & Support Services

These programs and services are provided for those who are 16 years and older:

Intake & Referrals
Case Management
Alternative Healing
Support Group
Skills Building
Community Outreach
Psychiatric Consultation Program
Family Support
Anti Racism/Ant-Oppression Training
Community Based Research


Community Outreach

Community development is one area that Across Boundaries is fully committed to: the active participation of the communities being served is essential to developing appropriate programs and services for our clients.

Tamil Support Group
This group is a continuation of the group that was formed after the Tsunami crisis. The group meets once a week and the facilitator provides meditation sessions which alternates with talking group. This program is provided in partnership with Vasantham (this weekly session offers alternate meditation and talking sessions).

Afghan Outreach
Is an educational and support program in the Afghan community where mental health issues are discussed and information about community resources are provided in a supportive environment. This program is facilitated by well known members of the Afghan community and is held at the Sabawoon Afghan Family Education and Counseling Centre (SAFE Centre).

Somali Women Support Group
This group is held at the Dixon Community Centre where Somali women in the area meet to socialize, support each one other and discuss mental health issues. The facilitator is also Somalian and resides in the same neighborhood.