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Consumer / Survivors

Across Boundaries serves Consumer / Survivors of color from a variety of  communities, often speaking different languages and are from different racialized backgrounds. Some of them are new to the country while some have a long history in Canada. Presently, we serve consumer / survivors from Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, West Asia and Caribbean countries. They may be refugees, refugee claimants, landed immigrants or citizens. Our programs and services are open to both male and female clients above 16 years of age.

Our Consumer / Survivors are active in the centre and provide input in the planning of programs and services. They have the choice to choose services and programs appropriate to their needs. Currently, due to needs expressed by our consumer / survivors, we offer support programs for Persian, Tamil, Somali and Caribbean communities. Our Peer Support Group is a support group initiative that is supported by survivors for survivors.

As the only centre for people of color, our survivors participate in ongoing consultations to voice the needs of survivors of color in the mental health system.

FOOTNOTE: Consumer/Survivors refers to a diverse association of individuals (and organizations representing them) who are currently "consumers" (clients) of mental health services, or who consider themselves "survivors" of mental health services, or who simply identify as "ex-patients". (source-