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Values and Beliefs


We recognize the intersectionality of identities among racialized people, and address the disparities related to social location by providing services that reflect the needs and realities of our clients.


We are accountable to our clients and provide respectful services and programs.


We recognize the importance of the whole person, and the role of the family and community in their recovery and wellness.


We work in partnership with individuals, families, communities and other agencies to build capacity and address the needs of our clients and support their health and recovery.


At Across Boundaries, we are responsive to the ever-changing realities. We include a variety of therapies to help support wellness in ways that are meaningful and relevant to the lived experiences, and cultures of our clients.


We believe in addressing the interdependence of the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social, cultural, linguistic, economic and broader environmental aspects of health that affect the well being of racialized people.


FOOTNOTE: Racialized is one of many terms used within the communities Across Boundaries serves to self-identify. Others include, but are not limited to: people of colour, ethnoracial groups, visible minorities. For Across Boundaries, the term racialized person/group refers to what was previously called "ethnoracial or people of colour" and First Nations People. This is in keeping with the usage suggested by the Ontario Human Rights Commission in its recently published 'Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Discrimination' which states, "When it is necessary to describe people collectively, the term racialized person or racialized group is preferred over racial minority, visible minority, person of colour or non-White as it expresses race as a social construct rather than a description on perceived biological traits." to describe the communities Across Boundaries serves.