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Community Engagement Session


Important News: What's Happening at Y-Connect?

Community Consultation for youth and families receiving services from the Y-Connect Program on Monday, March 30, 2015 from 5:30 - 8:30 PM at the Black Creek Community Health Centre located in the York Gate Mall, Unit 202 (at the Jane/Finch intersection).

The session will inform you about changes to the Y-Connect Program, and how these changes might affect you. To help guide the transition in services, we invite your input and feedback on your mental health and addiction support needs.

Please join us as your feedback is extremely important! If you would like to be on a mailing list to receive any updates, please provide your contact information to Genie Policarpio at 416 787 3007, ext 297.

Please RSVP at 416-787-3007 ext 221.
Food and drinks will be provided!



Community Engagement Session


Important News: What's Happening at Y-Connect?

Across Boundaries' Transitional Aged Youth Program is going through some changes.

It has given notice to dissolve its' partnership with the Griffin Centre and is currently going through a transitional phase to work with the Central LHIN, its funder to ensure that the service users receiving services from Griffin Centre are transferred for services to Across Boundaries in a seamless manner, without interruption of services.

Across Boundaries is also using this opportunity to bring together some key leaders in the community as well as thought leaders to look at emerging knowledge and promising practices in serving the transitional aged youth to enhance existing program as well as create new collaborations. This Think Tank is scheduled for March 12th. More to follow on this.




Across Boundaries is a mental health centre that provides a range of support and services to people of color in the Greater Toronto Area who are experiencing severe mental health problems/serious mental illness.  We employ a holistic approach to mental health care and operate within an anti-racism framework.

Across Boundaries recognizes the interdependence of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social, economic, cultural, linguistic and broader environmental aspects of life in working with individuals with severe mental health problems/illness. We acknowledge the impact of racism on mental health. We believe in the empowerment of individuals in their healing journeys and in taking control of their health.

In keeping with the above mandate and principles, Across Boundaries provides programs and new initiatives that integrate skills building, social and recreational activities, support groups, alternative and complementary therapies, art therapy, creative expressions, community kitchen, individual support and community outreach. These programs are mostly offered in-house except for the individual support/case management services and family support and outreach programs, which mainly take place in the community.

We are committed to a community development approach and believe in the active participation of communities of color. We develop programs in the community in partnership and collaboration with other agencies/organizations. We provide consultation and expertise as requested by the community/agency.

Our anti-racism/anti-oppression work focuses on providing opportunities for mental health service providers to achieve cultural competence. Mental health agencies and organizations consult with Across Boundaries staff when planning an organizational change to improve access and develop appropriate services for communities of color.



Across Boundariesis a leader in providing equitable, inclusive and holistic mental health and addiction services for racialized communities and operates within an anti-racism/anti-oppression framework.



Across Boundaries provides a range of supports and services that identify and honour the strengths of individuals, families, and racialized communities - while recognizing and addressing the negative impact of racism and discrimination on their mental health and well being. Our services are grounded in up-to-date knowledge and research, community engagement, capacity building, and an awareness of the intersection of personal identities. Advocacy, training, and education within the health care sector that brings about individual, institutional and systemic change are strong components of our commitment to quality mental health and addiction care for racialized people.


FOOTNOTE: Racialized is one of many terms used within the communities Across Boundaries serves to self-identify. Others include, but are not limited to: people of colour, ethnoracial groups, visible minorities. For Across Boundaries, the term racialized person/group refers to what was previously called "ethnoracial or people of colour" and First Nations People. This is in keeping with the usage suggested by the Ontario Human Rights Commission in its recently published 'Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Discrimination' which states, "When it is necessary to describe people collectively, the term racialized person or racialized group is preferred over racial minority, visible minority, person of colour or non-White as it expresses race as a social construct rather than a description on perceived biological traits." to describe the communities Across Boundaries serves.